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Here at Osborn Rooted Therapy

Therapy is a collaborative process between client and clinician. 

Rooting into your authentic whole self is a process that begins with relationship building. When you connect with the right therapist, new parts of you are able to emerge and/or be remembered. As you build relationship with these parts, they become resources of support, creativity, safety and healing.

I am dedicated to safe, well-paced therapy and training other therapists to root deeply into their authenticity as a person. This infuses all therapeutic styles with safety and dimension. 


I am looking for:

-Clinicians who are fully licensed with the BBS (LCSW, LMFT, LPCC) or provisionally licensed by the BBS (AMFT, ASW)

-Someone who has completed the Basic EMDR training or has interest in learning EMDR (desired, not required)

-Someone who is able to work independently and takes responsibility to learn the policies, ethic, and processes of private practice

-Confidence working with a wide range of symptoms and presenting issues and willingness to self-educate

Here's what you need to be committed to in order to flourish in my practice:

-Authenticity and Meeting Others Where they Are

-Punctuality and dependability balanced with Relaxed Attitude committed to learning

-Awareness of previously or currently held biases by self, systems and environments

Offices in Fresno, Santa Barbara, and Redondo Beach...

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